Preaching for the Whole of Life

  • Ian Hussey


There is a growing awareness of the importance of churches discipling people for their whole lives instead of solely focusing on discipleship for church life. This growing awareness is being driven by the faith-work integration and the whole life discipleship movements. The London Institute of Contemporary Christianity has introduced the language of “frontlines” to describe the multitude of places where Christians engage with non-Christians. With the recognition that preaching is a crucial element of discipleship this article suggests that preachers need to do three things in order to be able to ensure that their sermons equip congregations for ministry on their frontlines. Preachers need to develop a whole life hermeneutic when approaching the Scriptures looking not only for examples of work in a text but seeking to
understand how every text relates to the whole of life. Preachers also need to develop a whole life perspective by deliberately engaging with their congregations in their
frontlines. Finally, preachers need to develop intentional whole life application. The article suggests an “application grid” that can be used for this purpose.