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A World Homiletic

The twenty-fifth anniversary of the Evangelical Homiletics Society was held at Moody Bible Institute 13-15 October 2023. The annual scholars gathering featured the theme, “A World Homiletic.” In planning for the event, the Evangelical Homiletics Society governing board wanted to reflect the worldwide influences of the field of homiletics as the society embarks on the [...]

Guest Editorial The Comedy, Tragedy, and Ambiguity of Preaching

Included in the purpose statement of our Evangelical Homiletics Society is a line saying we intend “to provide a forum for the identification, study, research, and modeling of biblical preaching.” It is that word “research” that opens up the possibility for all sorts of discussions pertaining to our craft. There is no field of study [...]

Engaging a World Homiletic

The theme of this conference to which I will address is, “Engaging a World Homiletic.” The world is a big place. With a population of 7.9 billion in seven continents and consisting of nothing less than 3800 cultures, the world is enigmatic and a big assignment to comprehend.1 Yet, God loves this world and the [...]

How to Split a Bill: Is there a Transcultural Homiletic for all Peoples, all Places, all Times?

In the Asian culture, when you eat out with your friends, you never split the bill. One person offers to pay for everyone else. This sounds great. But you’re also supposed to fight that person for the bill. In the Anglo culture, in contrast, you always split the bill. But if one person offers to [...]

Homiletic of Belonging

Transformation is a major goal of evangelical preaching, but how might people with intellectual disabilities be spiritually transformed through evangelical preaching? One might look to models of disability for answers, but medical models and social models of disability can be problematic for people with ID. Gaps in disability models bring into focus a need that [...]

What’s Our Big Idea? Analyzing the Academic Literary Corpus of the Evangelical Homiletics Society

Over its 25-year history, the scholars of the Evangelical Homiletics Society (EHS) have presented more than 250 papers at its annual conferences and published more than 200 academic articles in its journal. As a whole, what has EHS been writing about, and what has it said? A clear understanding of its past can enable any [...]

Sermon: The Cure for Conceit

Have you ever noticed that there’s often a big difference between what we want our reputation to be and what our reputation actually is? It’s true of us as individuals, and it’s also true of the Church. In the first few centuries of the Church’s history, Christians were called atheists. Cannibals. An incestuous cult of [...]

Reflections on the Future of the Evangelical Homiletics Society

Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., former president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary used to quip, “I’m not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but I work for a non-profit organization.” I stand before you today not as a prophet, but more as a prompter, someone who’s at the side or even out of sight reminding [...]

Sermon: The Sides of Preaching

Have you ever worn anything inside out? Sometimes we’ll put on a sweatshirt inside out because we like it that way, or it has paint or spots on the outside, so we wear it inside out. At other times, we wear articles of clothing inside out unintentionally. That happened to my sister, Jeanine. She got [...]

Book Reviews (23-1)

Called to Preach: Fulfilling the High Calling of Expository Preaching, Steven J. Lawson (Reviewer: Nicholas B. Marnejon) Preaching the Manifold Grace of God: Theologies of Preaching in Historical Theological Families, Volume 1, Ronald J. Allen, editor (Reviewer: Jared E. Alcántara) Oil Enough to Make the Journey: Sermons on the Christian Walk, Jack R. Lundbom (Reviewer: [...]